All About Military Coins

The first military coin or challenge coin was a medallion struck in solid bronze which was worn by a young pilot during World War I. After that, military coins were made from brass with small emblem and indiscernible texts. The texts would usually include the name of the military unit or the battalion. It would also include the logo or symbol of the unit. Most often than not, it would look like a normal coin with variety of colors and an emblem with different texts.

Most Common Uses Of Military Coins Are As Follows :

Military CoinsMilitary coins are usually given as a plaque of appreciation for a job well done or for a successful mission. It may also serve as a member’s identification since some units give special coins to their cadets or trainees. It helps build the morale of the members since they know that they belong to a group. Showing your coin to other military personnel also shows a welcoming and respectful ambience. It is to give the other party a chance to recognize your membership to a unit. Some military officials also give out coins to non-military members such as to athletes for their outstanding performance.

The coins are considered to be precious to military members and veterans so it has been said that the loss of coins is equivalent to great embarrassment and banishment. The military coins must always be carried anywhere and everywhere the members go. This is so because the holder may be challenged at any time and failure to present the coin when challenged automatically means that the challenged person has lost. Just like ordinary coins, tampering, defacing or putting even a slightest hole on the coin is absolutely prohibited. Making a hole in the coin to make it easier to carry will extinguish the identity of the coin thus will no longer be considered as a military coin representing any unit.

As years pass by and technologies advances, the designs of coins are becoming more and more complicated. The once simple designs are now more and more complex with the creation and addition of different colors. Such coins used to be round shaped but because of the power of the technology more and more shapes are coming to place. The manufacturing technique in creating coins has been perfected over the years. Creating such special coins has now become faster and easier. It provided individuals with different options that will suit their unique preferences.

custom military coinsDesigning military coins is one of the hardest tasks in the creation process since it includes a lot of planning, organizing and decision-making. Choosing the design is hard since it includes creation of a detailed design that will exude the identity of the organization. The design has be something that will symbolize the unit as a whole and show what it represents. This is where Challenge Coins 4 less will come in.

Challenge Coins 4 less will help and guide you in deciding all the details of your custom coins. It is a shop you can rely on to guide you in the creation of the coins that will best fit your organization or your purpose. It offers three edge designs such as rope-cut, wave-cut, and cross-cut. They also provide a variety of metal color such as black nickel, silver, gold, copper or brass. The basic features such as specialty edging, numbering and photographic inserting will also be provided. Photographic inserting allows an actual picture to be inserted on any or both side of the coin. Three-dimensional images may also be inserted.

Custom CoinsChallenge Coins 4 less gives free artwork and design, unlimited revisions as well as free color matching. We will provide you with designs that will fit your purpose and we will not stop until we come up with the design you want to represent your organization. We will revise and modify the designs, change or add colors or details to suit your preference. We also accept original designs and plans which will be executed the exact way it has been presented to us.

You are also welcome to give your insights, ideas, and thoughts on how you want the product to look like. A Military coin must exactly portray the unit it represents. It is used as an identification of members and is an item that must uphold pride and integrity. It must portray brotherhood, camaraderie, loyalty, honor and unity. To be able to create a coin that will give off such vibe, you will need to help us help you. We assure you that we will only give our best to make sure that the trust you have entrusted to us will not fade. We will provide the best service we can. Rest assured that we will only use the best quality of material. We will make sure that the military coins will be finished on time and in the best quality.

Whether you need to reproduce a current coin or art a completely new outline for your military coins, we can do it all. Our custom military coin designs are the finest you can get. 

PCB Fabrication Terms You Need to Know

When you order PCBs for your electronic device requirements, knowing a few or more terms helps you understand what we are talking. Although it is mandatory to learn every term we used, we recommend that you have a basic vocabulary of the PCB fabrication terms.


A printed circuit board is the green-colored board you see inside your electronic device. Sometimes, this board is blue, brown, red or any color. This board has tiny components attached to it. These components vary in color and in functions.


Printed circuit boardsThis is a dielectric material made from fiberglass. It lends the PCB its stiff form. Other materials are used in the manufacturing of the board. These materials are epoxy or resins. Other manufacturers call this as perf board. Perf boards are cheaper but have shorter service life than an FR4 PCB. PCB can also be flexible, depending on the materials used in the PCB manufacturing.

PCB Manufacturing

Most of the times, when our client hears PCB manufacturing they think it is the whole process. Manufacturing is just one part of the processes to create a working PCB. It is the part where the actual board is produced through a compressing machine. It also includes predrilling of holes, especially if the PCB assembly is a through-the-hole technology.
PCB Assembly

This process refers to the placing of the electronic components on the board. This stage is one of the most important stages of PCB fabrication since it completes the whole process of fabricating the PCB.


Pcb fabricationThis part of the PCB is the conductor of electricity. It enables the board to function properly, to helps the conduction of electricity by the electrical components. This copper layer is placed in between dielectric materials. Another thin layer is placed on top of the board where the circuit will be printed.


This is the process of removing the excess copper layer on the top of the board. Etching is the same as printing of the circuit on the board. With the use of chemicals such as ferric chloride, we etch the circuit design on the board. However, before the etching process, we place a thin film on the top of the copper layer to protect the circuitry.

Silkscreen Printing

PCB AssemblyThe process refers to the labeling method we use. If you look closely to the PCB, you can see letterings and numberings that can be viewed with a magnifying glass or are obvious to the naked eye. Our personnel uses these markings to identify the correct electrical components to mount or the right paste stencil to use. These letterings also serve as markings for the component placement machine or the stenciling machine to read during the placement and assembly procedure.

Stencil Printing

Sometimes, this term is interchangeable with silkscreen printing. Although both terms have the same concept, stencil printing is commonly used in paste stenciling. The paste stenciling is the process of depositing the solder paste on the board. The stencils can be either metal or plastic. Mounting the right stencils is integral in the PCB assembly because the solder paste helps establish the joints between the pins of electrical components and the board.

Design Rule Check (DRC)

DRC is the software that checks errors in the board. It can detect incorrect solder joints, small drills holes, and incorrect markings on the board. DRC is not an absolute checking tool. After assembly, the PCB still undergoes testing to ascertain that it is functioning well.


Bill of Materials is a detailed description of raw materials, assembly pieces, and instructions on the components. This contains the part number, manufacturer, brand and other information regarding the materials that we are going to use.

Design Schematic

PCBIt contains our design, PCB fabrication plan, placement technology, procedures and technology used during the creation of your PCB. We update it regularly together with the BOM and other fabrication documents. Updates we make on these documents may include changes in the electronic components and defects found in the testing stage. Sometimes, the exact electrical components defined on the design plan may not be available from our suppliers. To avoid delays in the assembly area, we may use substitute electrical components that have the same quality with the original plan.

We aim to deliver quality products to our client. These terms are all part of our PCB fabrication processes. The terms mentioned above are just few of the many terms we use. If you do not understand any of the terms you read in the contract of order from us, do not hesitate to contact us and ask the meaning of the terms.

Pcbnet are provide the best progressions in materials innovation brought forth printed circuit boards that are made out of various layers, with every layer having diverse copper strip designs so more electronic segments. 

Earn Extra Cash With DIY And Customized ID Lanyards

Looking for extra income ideas? Why not try a sideline business? If you’re a creative one, you can do customized accessories for students. Why students? They’re a great target market for simple and creative stuffs. Once they like your product, it could even become a global trend, or at least, a trend among their cliques within your area. And even though it’s not a long-term business, it’s enough to earn some extra cash and even have fun while doing it.


So what kind of accessories can you sell? You can start with just one specific item, an accessory that every student must have—a lanyard. Female and male students alike use their ID lanyards as fashion statements. Others, less fashionable but more practical, use lanyards for a variety of purposes such as flash drive holders or keychains. Clubs and some cliques have for-members-only lanyards. In other words, lanyards are used by every student, and thus, make a good product to start with.

There are two types of lanyards you can sell: DIY and customized.

DIY Lanyards

ID LanyardsThere is something special and personal about handcrafted items. And buyers would always appreciate a well handcrafted item over a commercialized one. When you create your own ID lanyards, you’ll be able to offer something unique and also make more profit since you can minimize cost and add in your talent fee. You can buy new materials or recycle old ones. Recycled products have a charm of their own. There are buyers who would purchase them just for the fact that they were recycled.

Here’s an example of how to make a pretty handcrafted lanyard:

1. Gather these materials: a pretty leftover fabric, one yard of a sturdier type of fabric, scissors, glue gun, key ring or another type of lanyard attachment like a swivel snap clip, and flower appliques (optional). You’ll also use a sewing machine for this one.

2. Cut your pretty fabric into two 2¼-inch x 40-inch strips, and cut the sturdier one into 3/4-inch x 40-inch strip.

3. Sew the pretty strips side by side leaving a 1/4-inch seam allowance.

4. Insert the sturdy fabric between the pretty ones. Fold it in and sew the other sides together. To help you steady your sewing, pin the strip in every 6 inches.

5. Now you have a 40-inch single long strip. Trim both ends of the strip to make it even. Then slip them into the key ring or swivel hook.

6. Sew the ends together using a zigzag stitch while creating a loop to hold the hook. You can cover the seams by wrapping a small strip of matching fabric and sewing it with its ends tucked inside the lanyard; or with a flower applique glued on it. Use a hot glue specifically made for fabrics. Then you’re done.

You can make simpler DIY lanyards by purchasing plain lanyards and embellishing them with appliques or tiny trinkets.

Customized Lanyards

Badge HoldersIf you find handcrafting to be too much work for a sideline business, you could always just have your ID lanyards customized. Find intellectual or inspirational quotes, trendy characters or logos, or design your images to imprint on lanyards, and send them to wholesalers that make customized lanyards. Sellers offer lanyards made of nylon and polyester. They come in different styles such as cord, dye-sublimated, woven and tubular lanyards.

Finding an online shop that sells wholesale ID lanyards are easy; the tricky part is finding the best offer among the throng of online sellers. Always consider quality and price. Check the quality of both material and print. You may have to do trial and error to find the one.

ID lanyards are just one of the products you can sell. There are many more accessories students can’t seem to live without. You can do a survey to find out more. And either create or order them from wholesalers. A mix of both would be best for a startup business. is your source for the best ID badge holders and lanyard ID holders in the business. Lanyards are ideal for just about any workplace, school or other organization.

Taking Care of Your Golf Clubs

Golf clubs are some of the best investments a person can buy during his time of playing the sport of golf. Golf clubs are not cheap golf equipments and some prices usually range higher than $3000.

In the event that you are a golf player who plays on a budget, you do not need to worry about spending a fortune just to buy your own set of clubs. A lot of golf equipment manufacturers are also selling cheaper golf clubs to help those golf players stick to their designated budget. Even if the prices of these clubs are extremely low compared to the prices of the highly expensive ones, these clubs still offer a golf player with a good quality and a good match in a golf game.

Once you have made a purchase, whether it is online or in a physical store, the salesperson or the seller will give you some tips and guidelines on how you can take care of your golf clubs and make them last for generations. These clubs, when they are taken care well, may last for several years, even for a lifetime.

Here are some guidelines on how you can take care of your precious golf clubs:

1.    Always inspect your clubs. Regular inspecting of your clubs will just take a few minutes of your time. After a good game of golf, always remember to check your clubs for any worn-out, tears, rust or dirt. If your schedule cannot permit you to always checking your clubs, you can allot at least once a week or twice a month regular inspection of your clubs.

golfWhen inspecting your clubs, check the grips first if there is any crack or tear. If there is any worn-out or crack in the grip (old ones are usually glossy and hard), replace it with new ones straight away. After inspecting the grip, also check the shaft if there is any bend or rust. Do not forget to check the club head for any rust, crack or scratches too.

2.    Before storing the clubs in your golf bag, give them a good cleaning first to make them look new and perform like new. Cleaning, unlike what orders are thinking, is generally very easy and involves a few materials too. You will only need warm water, mild soap (dishwashing or hand soap), old toothbrush (or any soft-bristled brush), cold water, and clean cloth (for drying).

When storing the clubs in the golf bag, make sure that the golf bag is dry and not moist before placing your clubs inside. Your clubs may accumulate meld and rust if kept inside a moist golf bag.

3.    Other than keeping your clubs in a golf bag, you need to store the golf bag itself in a cool place. A lot of golf players make mistake in storing their golf bags. To make your clubs last longer (when storing), here are some easy tips to do:

•    Do not leave your clubs or golf bags in your garage or in the trunk of your car where the temperature is very high. The high temperature (which can be higher than 180 degrees) can cause rust to build up in the clubs and the resin holding the parts together to break up.

•    Always keep your clubs in an upright position when storing whether beside the wall or in a golf bag. Also, make sure that no other things are tangling with the clubs. If you are using either a wood or a driver, putting a head cover to protect it is ideal since head covers protect the accumulation of dust in the clubs.

•    Always keep your clubs in a cool, dry place free from moist and other elements which can cause rust, meld, and mildew to build up.

How to Invest in Long Island Real Estate

Long Island is a great city to live in. It is economically stable. It is filled with amazing and fantastic tourist spots. It is also filled with economic opportunities. So, if you want to invest in something valuable and tangible, it’s a fantastic idea to invest in Long Island real estate through us.

But, how do you invest in Long Island real estate? Well, here are some easy tips:

1.Get real and examine your purpose.

homeBefore you invest in a real estate property located in Long Island, you must first ask yourself, “Why do I want to invest in a real estate property in Long Island, New York? “.

Do you want to move to Long Island? Do you simply want to invest your money in something tangible? Do you want to engage in the real estate“buy and sell” business? Well, whatever your reason is, it must be a good one so you won’t end up regretting your investment.

2.Check your financing options.

Before you decide to invest in a Long Island real estate property, you should consider your financing options. Are you going to pay for the property in cash? There are many ways to finance your real estate purchase:

•Borrow from banks, home mortgage companies, and credit unions – This is the classic way to finance your real estate investment. But, most of these institutions have tightened their lending criteria. In fact, most of these institutions require a credit score of at least 680 for loan approval. Then, you’ll be required to put in at least 10 percent down payment. This method can be a little challenging, but it is the most traditional and safe way to finance your real estate investment.

•Seller carry back – This is a more creative financing method. This is a form of owner financing in which the real estate seller agrees to carry the note for your investment or purchase. So, you can actually pay the seller directly on a monthly basis.

•Lease option – Well, this is the easiest way to get into a real estate property with minimal down payment plus it gives you the right to purchase the property in one to three years. So, if you need a place to live in now, but you cannot make a direct purchase yet, this is a good option for you.

3.Choose the right Long Island real estate agent.

houseTo get the best value for your money, it is necessary to find the right real estate agent. Here are some tips in choosing the agent to do business with:

•Talk with recent clients – You must look first check the reviews of your potential agent. You can do this online or you can personally talk with their recent clients.

•Check their license – It’s important to deal with a licensed agent. Contact your agent’s regulatory board and ask if he/she is licensed or if there have been complaints or any disciplinary action.

•Look at the credentials – It is necessary to check the credentials of your agent and look at their specialty. Remember that not all real estate agents are the same, so you need to look at their designation. A Certified Residential Specialist or CRS is an agent who have completed an extensive training in residential real estate. A Seniors Real Estate Specialist or SRES is an agent who was trained to help buyers that are aged fifty and above.

•Experience – You should also look at the experience. Experienced agents are more efficient and they have a wider network so it’s easier for them to find what you want. They are also skilled negotiators.

Investing in Long Island real estate yields superior returns. But, it is important to do it the right way. You must deal only with the best. We have the best real estate agents in Long Island. Our agents are reliable, honest, and they are accredited. So, if you’re thinking of investing in real estate properties in Long Island, contact us right away and we will give you the best deal possible.

Secrets To Becoming a Professional Keynote Speaker

Speaking in front of a lot of people is already a nerve-racking task. Not everyone has the talent or the courage to go up a stage and speak in front of a lot of people, much less deliver a message with confidence and power. If you belong to the small percent of people who do have what it takes to become great in the field of public speaking, mastering your talent should be a priority.

One of the jobs that public speakers do is being a keynote speaker for events. Knowing that you already have the confidence and the charisma to charm people into believing whatever it is you say, there are still other advices you need to take in order to ensure your success.


•    Always assume that your audience is smart enough to understand what you are saying so as not to sound condescending, but do not assume that they know as much about the topic as you. If you are an expert on the subject you are going to discuss, it can be pretty easy to assume that everyone is an expert too, when they most probably aren’t.

•    Do not be too dramatic in your speech. Regardless of what you learned from your drama class, do not turn your presentation into a Shakespearean play, with all the emphasis on the enunciation and on the hand motions. Make yourself look natural. The job of a keynote speaker is not to impress, but to express.

•    Give something tangible for the audience that they can take back home. It might sound like a not so glamorous job to do, but as a keynote speaker, you should ensure that the impact of your speech goes beyond the walls of the venue by giving the audience something they can keep. You can do this by putting a little card containing the message you wish to express, or the key points of your speech, on every seat. You can ask for someone’s help if the venue is too large.

•    Never memorize your speech. Remember that understanding is much more valuable than memorizing. Ingrain the outline of your speech in your head, but never memorize every single line in your speech, as this only makes your speech sound rehearsed. Not only will your presentation look and sound much more authentic, but you will also eliminate the fear of forgetting your lines.

•    Never speak for free. Professional speakers never speak for free. What happens to a keynote speaker who speaks for free is that he is rewarded with only more opportunities to speak for free, without getting any chance of actually being hired to speak for a fee. This is called “death from exposure”, and this can easily happen to you if you find it okay not to accept payment.

Look at it this way: event organizers are willing to spend on the small serving of food in the hallway outside the event venue, but they find it hard to pay for the main event itself, which is you. Event organizers should give you a fare fee for your speech, and in return, you should give them the best value for the money they paid by inspiring and informing their audience.

•    Take your career as a keynote speaker in different places, maybe even abroad. The world is huge, there are a lot of wonderful people in different parts of the world, and they will most likely benefit from what you have to share. If you get the chance to speak in some place exotic or new, such as in another country, you can also bring your family along. Visit to know the more secrets about  professional keynote speakers.

Employee engagement: The importance of leadership

Credible leadership is critical at maintaining employee engagement. Employees look to the company leadership for inspiration and to uphold justice and fairness in the workplace. Once the delicate relationship between the company leadership and employees are destroyed, it is very difficult to just even try establishing it again. Here are ways how leadership can help nurture employee engagement.

Leaders should communicate where they are heading.

markRegular Communication also gives a hint to employees that they are not forgotten. Part of communicating is making employees understand the company’s vison and goals. It must be clearly stated why they are important and how to achieve those goals and what are the employees’ part (and importance) on that goal. This ensures that your employees efforts are not wasted because it is not in line with company visions and goals.

Leaders should know their people.

It is helpful to learn how your employees are wired, what are their aspirations, goals, and priorities. That way, you will have an idea what role is for your employees. Giving employees roles with the right degree of difficulty and challenge makes employee engagement easier.

Leaders should exude positivist and must always give affirmations.

Talent ManagementGiving positive feedback at once can help turn good practices into habits. This can boost an employee’s confidence in going about his/her work leading him/her to be more satisfied. Constructive criticisms given in private will also communicate a sense of sincerity especially if you are honest, employees will appreciate it more and will give them a hint that leaders are genuinely concerned with them. Employees are remarkably keen at searching for improvements, they want concrete feedback and it is the responsibility of the leaders to give feedback as soon as possible. This will serve to enforce beneficial practices and correct destructive ones.

Leaders organize teams.

Organizing teams can make employees enjoy work well and an excellent means of building camaraderie. Not all employees are followers; some are also leaders and giving those hidden leaders a time to shine and show their talents will work well to give them challenge. This especially works well  for high performers.

Leaders share decision making with employees.

Shared-decision making is a way to give employees ownership and a sense of importance to the company. The feeling of being a part of something bigger than oneself can hasten employee engagement.

Leaders facilitate accountability.

Accountability breeds employee engagement. Employees feel cheated if they feel that the efforts that they put are just dismissed or some lapses of their fellow employees go unpunished.

Leaders provide inspiration.

It is critical for leaders to create an environment where the employees can release their full potential. Being inspirational is one step to do that. A leader should not demand employees to listen to him/her; a leader sets up a system where people would want to listen to him/her. Leaders should make employees feel their importance in the organization or company they belong too no matter how big or small they perceive their roles.

Leaders must micro-managing and promote autonomy.

High performing engaged employees feel empowered if they have a say over how they go about their work. As such, leaders should favor guidelines instead of rules.

Leaders must be fair.

The most productive lot in the company gets frustrated when fairness in judgment of their leaders becomes questionable. This is especially true for promotions. If ever there are instances that someone of questionable demeanor and performance gets promoted. Leaders must always uphold justice and fairness in the workplace.

Leaders challenge their employees.

Top performers liked to be challenged occasionally. Giving new tasks and roles that are new for a top-performing employee will serve to stimulate them. However, it is unethical to make employees face challenges if they are not equipped to do so. As a leader, you should make sure to provide hints, tips and even training if you will decide to do so.