All About Military Coins

The first military coin or challenge coin was a medallion struck in solid bronze which was worn by a young pilot during World War I. After that, military coins were made from brass with small emblem and indiscernible texts. The texts would usually include the name of the military unit or the battalion. It would also include the logo or symbol of the unit. Most often than not, it would look like a normal coin with variety of colors and an emblem with different texts.

Most Common Uses Of Military Coins Are As Follows :

Military CoinsMilitary coins are usually given as a plaque of appreciation for a job well done or for a successful mission. It may also serve as a member’s identification since some units give special coins to their cadets or trainees. It helps build the morale of the members since they know that they belong to a group. Showing your coin to other military personnel also shows a welcoming and respectful ambience. It is to give the other party a chance to recognize your membership to a unit. Some military officials also give out coins to non-military members such as to athletes for their outstanding performance.

The coins are considered to be precious to military members and veterans so it has been said that the loss of coins is equivalent to great embarrassment and banishment. The military coins must always be carried anywhere and everywhere the members go. This is so because the holder may be challenged at any time and failure to present the coin when challenged automatically means that the challenged person has lost. Just like ordinary coins, tampering, defacing or putting even a slightest hole on the coin is absolutely prohibited. Making a hole in the coin to make it easier to carry will extinguish the identity of the coin thus will no longer be considered as a military coin representing any unit.

As years pass by and technologies advances, the designs of coins are becoming more and more complicated. The once simple designs are now more and more complex with the creation and addition of different colors. Such coins used to be round shaped but because of the power of the technology more and more shapes are coming to place. The manufacturing technique in creating coins has been perfected over the years. Creating such special coins has now become faster and easier. It provided individuals with different options that will suit their unique preferences.

custom military coinsDesigning military coins is one of the hardest tasks in the creation process since it includes a lot of planning, organizing and decision-making. Choosing the design is hard since it includes creation of a detailed design that will exude the identity of the organization. The design has be something that will symbolize the unit as a whole and show what it represents. This is where Challenge Coins 4 less will come in.

Challenge Coins 4 less will help and guide you in deciding all the details of your custom coins. It is a shop you can rely on to guide you in the creation of the coins that will best fit your organization or your purpose. It offers three edge designs such as rope-cut, wave-cut, and cross-cut. They also provide a variety of metal color such as black nickel, silver, gold, copper or brass. The basic features such as specialty edging, numbering and photographic inserting will also be provided. Photographic inserting allows an actual picture to be inserted on any or both side of the coin. Three-dimensional images may also be inserted.

Custom CoinsChallenge Coins 4 less gives free artwork and design, unlimited revisions as well as free color matching. We will provide you with designs that will fit your purpose and we will not stop until we come up with the design you want to represent your organization. We will revise and modify the designs, change or add colors or details to suit your preference. We also accept original designs and plans which will be executed the exact way it has been presented to us.

You are also welcome to give your insights, ideas, and thoughts on how you want the product to look like. A Military coin must exactly portray the unit it represents. It is used as an identification of members and is an item that must uphold pride and integrity. It must portray brotherhood, camaraderie, loyalty, honor and unity. To be able to create a coin that will give off such vibe, you will need to help us help you. We assure you that we will only give our best to make sure that the trust you have entrusted to us will not fade. We will provide the best service we can. Rest assured that we will only use the best quality of material. We will make sure that the military coins will be finished on time and in the best quality.

Whether you need to reproduce a current coin or art a completely new outline for your military coins, we can do it all. Our custom military coin designs are the finest you can get.