Earn Extra Cash With DIY And Customized ID Lanyards

Looking for extra income ideas? Why not try a sideline business? If you’re a creative one, you can do customized accessories for students. Why students? They’re a great target market for simple and creative stuffs. Once they like your product, it could even become a global trend, or at least, a trend among their cliques within your area. And even though it’s not a long-term business, it’s enough to earn some extra cash and even have fun while doing it.


So what kind of accessories can you sell? You can start with just one specific item, an accessory that every student must have—a lanyard. Female and male students alike use their ID lanyards as fashion statements. Others, less fashionable but more practical, use lanyards for a variety of purposes such as flash drive holders or keychains. Clubs and some cliques have for-members-only lanyards. In other words, lanyards are used by every student, and thus, make a good product to start with.

There are two types of lanyards you can sell: DIY and customized.

DIY Lanyards

ID LanyardsThere is something special and personal about handcrafted items. And buyers would always appreciate a well handcrafted item over a commercialized one. When you create your own ID lanyards, you’ll be able to offer something unique and also make more profit since you can minimize cost and add in your talent fee. You can buy new materials or recycle old ones. Recycled products have a charm of their own. There are buyers who would purchase them just for the fact that they were recycled.

Here’s an example of how to make a pretty handcrafted lanyard:

1. Gather these materials: a pretty leftover fabric, one yard of a sturdier type of fabric, scissors, glue gun, key ring or another type of lanyard attachment like a swivel snap clip, and flower appliques (optional). You’ll also use a sewing machine for this one.

2. Cut your pretty fabric into two 2¼-inch x 40-inch strips, and cut the sturdier one into 3/4-inch x 40-inch strip.

3. Sew the pretty strips side by side leaving a 1/4-inch seam allowance.

4. Insert the sturdy fabric between the pretty ones. Fold it in and sew the other sides together. To help you steady your sewing, pin the strip in every 6 inches.

5. Now you have a 40-inch single long strip. Trim both ends of the strip to make it even. Then slip them into the key ring or swivel hook.

6. Sew the ends together using a zigzag stitch while creating a loop to hold the hook. You can cover the seams by wrapping a small strip of matching fabric and sewing it with its ends tucked inside the lanyard; or with a flower applique glued on it. Use a hot glue specifically made for fabrics. Then you’re done.

You can make simpler DIY lanyards by purchasing plain lanyards and embellishing them with appliques or tiny trinkets.

Customized Lanyards

Badge HoldersIf you find handcrafting to be too much work for a sideline business, you could always just have your ID lanyards customized. Find intellectual or inspirational quotes, trendy characters or logos, or design your images to imprint on lanyards, and send them to wholesalers that make customized lanyards. Sellers offer lanyards made of nylon and polyester. They come in different styles such as cord, dye-sublimated, woven and tubular lanyards.

Finding an online shop that sells wholesale ID lanyards are easy; the tricky part is finding the best offer among the throng of online sellers. Always consider quality and price. Check the quality of both material and print. You may have to do trial and error to find the one.

ID lanyards are just one of the products you can sell. There are many more accessories students can’t seem to live without. You can do a survey to find out more. And either create or order them from wholesalers. A mix of both would be best for a startup business.

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