Taking Care of Your Golf Clubs

Golf clubs are some of the best investments a person can buy during his time of playing the sport of golf. Golf clubs are not cheap golf equipments and some prices usually range higher than $3000.

In the event that you are a golf player who plays on a budget, you do not need to worry about spending a fortune just to buy your own set of clubs. A lot of golf equipment manufacturers are also selling cheaper golf clubs to help those golf players stick to their designated budget. Even if the prices of these clubs are extremely low compared to the prices of the highly expensive ones, these clubs still offer a golf player with a good quality and a good match in a golf game.

Once you have made a purchase, whether it is online or in a physical store, the salesperson or the seller will give you some tips and guidelines on how you can take care of your golf clubs and make them last for generations. These clubs, when they are taken care well, may last for several years, even for a lifetime.

Here are some guidelines on how you can take care of your precious golf clubs:

1.    Always inspect your clubs. Regular inspecting of your clubs will just take a few minutes of your time. After a good game of golf, always remember to check your clubs for any worn-out, tears, rust or dirt. If your schedule cannot permit you to always checking your clubs, you can allot at least once a week or twice a month regular inspection of your clubs.

golfWhen inspecting your clubs, check the grips first if there is any crack or tear. If there is any worn-out or crack in the grip (old ones are usually glossy and hard), replace it with new ones straight away. After inspecting the grip, also check the shaft if there is any bend or rust. Do not forget to check the club head for any rust, crack or scratches too.

2.    Before storing the clubs in your golf bag, give them a good cleaning first to make them look new and perform like new. Cleaning, unlike what orders are thinking, is generally very easy and involves a few materials too. You will only need warm water, mild soap (dishwashing or hand soap), old toothbrush (or any soft-bristled brush), cold water, and clean cloth (for drying).

When storing the clubs in the golf bag, make sure that the golf bag is dry and not moist before placing your clubs inside. Your clubs may accumulate meld and rust if kept inside a moist golf bag.

3.    Other than keeping your clubs in a golf bag, you need to store the golf bag itself in a cool place. A lot of golf players make mistake in storing their golf bags. To make your clubs last longer (when storing), here are some easy tips to do:

•    Do not leave your clubs or golf bags in your garage or in the trunk of your car where the temperature is very high. The high temperature (which can be higher than 180 degrees) can cause rust to build up in the clubs and the resin holding the parts together to break up.

•    Always keep your clubs in an upright position when storing whether beside the wall or in a golf bag. Also, make sure that no other things are tangling with the clubs. If you are using either a wood or a driver, putting a head cover to protect it is ideal since head covers protect the accumulation of dust in the clubs.

•    Always keep your clubs in a cool, dry place free from moist and other elements which can cause rust, meld, and mildew to build up.